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Pistol Range


Indoor Pistol Range

24 Firing points out to 25 yards.

Outdoor Pistol Range

49 Covered firing points with target holders out to 50 yards


Shooting on the Red Card range or competition pits before 12:00 Noon on Sundays will not be allowed.

Red Card Pistol Range (SPECIAL certification is required for this range)
Experienced and novice pistol shooters — we have many opportunities for you to compete or become more proficient with your handgun.

Monday Evenings: Twilight League — Bulls eye shooting starting at 5:00 PM.

Indoor Pistol Range

Tuesday Evenings:  GCL Defensive style pistol shooting is offered on the first and third Tuesday of each month starting at 5:00 PM

Wednesday Evenings: We have USPSA style shooting. This is action shooting that includes multiple targets and different stages every week. New shooters are always welcome. 5:00-8:00 PM. Your first time is free, cost $5.00.

Click here to sign up for this match: PractiScore site:


Held First Saturday of each month. These are USPSA matches like Wednesday evening with more stages and a nationally ranked classifier. Squad times are 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM. 

Go here to sign up for this match: PractiScore site:


ICORE Revolver Match

International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE) is an “Action” shooting competition where the equipment and course design rules are specifically written for revolver shooters. Courses of fire include drawing from your holster, reloading, and movement. In this regard it is much like USPSA competition.  More info about ICORE can be found at


The Genesee Wheel Gunners at GCL is a level 1 club.  The matches are held on the 4th Saturday of the month.  Outdoors from April thru September, then moves indoors from October thru March, from 9:30 AM thru 2:00 AM With four stages and about 100-150 round count.  Match fee is $15, you may go to to sign up for matches and review results.  If you have any questions you may contact Tim the match director at  Please include “ICORE” in the subject line for easier admin.


Matches are held monthly on the 3rd Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  We shoot outdoors May thru October and indoors November thru April.  Matches are Tier 1 competitions following nationally recognized IDPA rules utilizing practical carry equipment and firearms while emphasizing proper tactics and use of cover.  Each match consists of 4-5 stages requiring up to 150 total rounds of ammunition.  The match fee is $15.

We also run less formal IDPA style practice events on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.  New shooters are encouraged to check out these events.  The match fee is $5.

Registration for all Matches/Practices as well as match results can be found on the practiscore website at  More info about IDPA can be found at  Please direct questions about these matches or practices to Eric at  Please include “IDPA” in the subject line for easier admin. 



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