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The GCL is a family oriented MEMBERSHIP club founded by a group of Rochester conservationists in 1925. Originally known as the "Rochester Chapter of the Izaak Walton League", the name was changed to "GCL" and officially incorporated in September 1934. Based in Scottsville the GCL grew until 1948 when the present 32 acres were acquired. The clubhouse was erected in 1949 with all material and labor donated by members and friends. In 1975, the Myopia Pistol Club merged with GCL, playing a key role by dedicating the indoor pistol range, and enhancing our growth. The League has expanded now to over 2,000 members. Interests served range from casual shooting to bench rest and pistol competitions. We even host the Empire State Games. Socially, we have our clubhouse which hosts dinners, parties, and other events. The Clubhouse has a bar, lounge, and kitchen for special events. The Hall is also available for rent. Our Pavilion has plenty of seating, its own cooking area, and a children's play area is adjacent. Three major areas which members enjoy are Archery, Pistol shooting, and Rifle shooting.We offer instruction in basic Firearms Safety, Bow hunter and Gun hunter Certification by NRA certified instructors.


Remember, the GCL is a FAMILY oriented club.

Safety is our most important priority!

A Message from Senator Funke

Senator Funke has a message for anyone interested in Repeal the Safe Act.

Click here to open a pdf with the message.

Hunter/Bow Education Classes

Hunter safety classes at Genesee Conservation League are done for the year.  Please check back in February for dates for next year.


Pistol Matches Sign up

Sign up for the Wednesday night weekly match will open  9 am on Sunday morning and close at 11:30 pm Tuesday on the PractiScore site:

Sign up for the USPSA monthly match will open  9 am on Sunday morning and close Thursday the week before the match: You now sign up here: PractiScore sitehttps://clubs.practiscore.com/

Sign up for the IDPA monthly match on Monday through Thursday the week of the match: You now sigh up here:  PractiScore site: https://clubs.practiscore.com/

GCL Range Hours

Outdoor ranges

Monday – Saturday 9 am – sunset

Sunday 10 am – 12 noon 22 rim fire only; 12 noon - sunset any caliber

Indoor ranges

Monday – Saturday 9 am – 11 pm

Sunday 10 am – 11 pm 

Note: please see GCL newsletter or the GCL calendar for range events 

Link to Pay Member dues

New link to the member dues payment page!

Click here and a new page will open in your browser.

Follow the directions on the page.

When you are done, make sure and close out of the payment windows for your security!




I think it is safe to say that most law abiding gun owners are surprised and upset that the new gun laws have been passed. 

I would urge that you let the NRA/NYSRPA take the lead in any legal action in appealing the laws recently passed.  I would also urge that you refrain from any third party action without consultation.  It is important that this be handled properly, it takes time so please be patient.

Your voice is necessary in these proceedings.  If you are not already a member, please consider membership in either the NRA, the NYSRPA, or both.  The future of our gun rights depend on it.

I echo these words as a result of reading documentation from the NRA and NYSRPA.

Please follow these new laws, enjoy your ranges and be safe.


Wayne Cichetti


NYSRPA Notice of Claim Against SAFE Act




Monroe County is trying to take a proactive approach for NYS pistol permit holders to request to keep their information private under the new gun law (NY SAFE Act). It is important to note that, according to the NY SAFE Act, Pistol Permit holders will have 60 days after the forms are made available by the State Police to submit completed forms to the Clerks’ Office. The form should be made available by February 15th.

Please visit the Monroe County webpage
http://www.monroecounty.gov/clerk-opt-out-form that has been setup to provide more information to opt-out.


Erie County, NY Sheriff PBA:
‘We Will Not Support New NY Gun Law”

Source: By Mort Amsel (Reporter) www.beforeitsnews.com

To: The citizens of Erie County
From: The Erie County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association.

The Erie County Sheriff’s PBA is the organization that represents the men and women of the Erie County Sheriff’s Police Services Division. All are sworn Deputy Sheriff’s and certified New York State police officers engaged in criminal law enforcement throughout Erie County. All have taken an oath... to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Our membership, like many citizens of New York are outraged at Governor Cuomo’s unprecedented attack on our second amendment rights. Since 1977 three Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies have been murdered and three wounded by gunfire in the line of duty. In addition two deputies have been forced to use deadly force to defend themselves from lethal attack by criminals. There is a widespread misconception that law enforcement officers favor additional restrictions on firearms ownership by law abiding citizens. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rank and file police officers see every day the aftermath of violent criminal attacks on defenseless victims. The uniformed police officers paraded out as window dressing during the signing of these laws are simply lap dogs seeking to further their own political ambitions. The right of self-defense is an inherent right bestowed upon us by our creator. It is not granted to us by elitist politicians like Andrew Cuomo and Sheldon Silver to be denied when they see fit. Do not be misled; the second amendment is not about hunting or target shooting. It is about the right of law abiding citizens to defend themselves and is the last line of defense against an over reaching and tyrannical government. The NYS Safe Act was rammed through the legislature by Cuomo ignoring the usual three day requirement for elected representatives to be able to review the legislation and receive feedback from their constituents. It is nothing more than a tool used by Cuomo to further his personal political ambitions. This law will do nothing to reduce violent crime, as it is painfully clear that those intent on victimizing others will ignore its provisions. It will simply create more victims. It is time for all New Yorkers to wake up. We must confront the societal breakdowns which cause the type of horrific mass shootings incidents we have recently seen, many of which are directly caused by the very policies that politicians like Cuomo seek to advance. On January 24, 2013 the Erie County Sheriff’s PBA unanimously passed a resolution of non-support for the NYS Safe Act. We will work tirelessly to see this law overturned. We commend and will support those elected officials with the courage to oppose this misguided law and condemn those that did not. We are citizens first and police officers second. We do not pick and choose which amendments of the United States Constitutions we will uphold. Politicians who swear an oath to uphold the constitution should do the same.



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